SNSD’s Tiffany creates a private instagram account

SNSD member Tiffany creates an instagram account however it's on private so fans might not be able to access her posts unless she accepted follow requests.

Tiffany goes with the username "xolovestephi" and there aren't further details to show since her account is locked. However, we should be respecting her privacy and it's already great to think that Tiffany is starting to use SNS and might create a public one next time.

With TaeTiSeo's promotions ongoing, we might expect more of the girls' updates in the following days.

Tiffany's instagram  as announced by Taeyeon through her instagram but edited the post afterwards realizing it's private one.

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Local promoters cancel Kim Hyun Joong’s Beijing concert; Key East to take counteraction?

Local promoters of Kim Hyun Joong's 'World Tour in Beijing' notified today that they cancelled his concert which is supposed to take place on September 19 (Friday).

They put up a notice and apologized by providing details on how to refund purchased tickets through the ticketing website. While the reason of cancellation is not stated, fans have assumed that it has something to do with the singer's assault case.

However, in response to this, Key East also put up a notice on Kim Hyun Joong's official site  to inform and apologize stating that the cancellation is unilateral or not agreed by both parties and express their plan to take counteraction.

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‘Kpop Star 3′ Nam Young Joo releases a seductive concept poster

'Kpop Star 3' Nam Young Joo flaunts once again the fruit of her labor through a sexy concept poster.

Earlier today, the singer released a gray-scale poster showing a silhouette of her curvy body behind a shower curtain while holding a mic. A representative describes the photo as a reflection of Nam Young Joo's debut concept which is 'sexy without too much exposure'.

In comparison to her image from 'Kpop Star 3', the singer looks more confident and sexier after losing 11kg in one month as a part of her debut. Meanwhile, Nam Young Joo released her debut single "6:09" on September 16.
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F.CUZ release MV teaser for ‘CHA-GA-WA’

With their upcoming 4th domestic mini album coming up, F.CUZ release the MV teaser of their title song 'CHA-GA-WA' through their Youtube account today.

The teaser previews a drama plot about a love triangle  and a sneak peek of their emotional choreography. The members are all looking charismatic and masculine as well.

Meanwhile, their 4th mini album 'Bargaining for Love' will be released on September 17. Watch the teaser for the meantime:

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LABOUM release MV making of ‘Pit A Pat’

Rookie girl group LABOUM release the fun and colorful MV making of their first single's 'Pit A Pat' through their official Youtube account.

The girls are very playful and cute at the same time during their breaks. They appeared candidly in during the shooting and approached their solo parts with their fun and lively characters.

LABOUM is a 6-member girl group produced by NH Media and Nega Network who made their debut on August  28 with an EP album 'Petit Macaron'.

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TaeTiSeo are funky and sexy at 2nd mini album ‘Holler’ comeback showcase

TaeTiSeo have their first live performance of 'Holler' in the afternoon today from their live comeback showcase hosted by SHINee's Minho, which takes place in Seoul Olympic Park Woori Finance Art Hall.

The trio showcases their first live and various colorful stages of their songs from their 2nd mini album 'Holler'. Highlighting their comeback performance of 'Holler', the girls reveal their groovy and funky choreography on the stage along with a big band brass and their impressive vocal lines.

Aside from their title song, they also perform live stages of 'Adrenaline', 'Whisper', 'Only You', in which Seohyun participated in penning the lyrics,'Stay' and 'Eyes'.

Meanwhile, TaeTiSeo are making their first music show comeback performance on September 18 at M!Countdown, followed by Music Core on 20 and Inkigayo on 21.

Check some of their performance photos below: (we will update with videos once available)

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‘My Lovely Girl’ releases highlight clip featuring its lead casts

A day before its premiere, SBS' new drama 'My Lovely Girl' releases a highlight video featuring the main casts which makes viewers anticipate the first episode.

The 10-minute highlight clips features initial scenes such as the appearance of idol group 'Infinite Power' and first meetings of Rain and Krystal.

Meanwhile, the drama premieres tomorrow at 10:00 PM(KST) and airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch the clip for the meantime:

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MBC’s ‘Star Gazing’ to be canceled + last broadcast on September 18th

MBC's 'Star Gazing' will be taken off air after 5 months.

On September 16th, an official from MBC has confirmed the cancelation of 'Star Gazing' and revealed the last broadcast to be on September 18th. '2014 Incheon Asias Games' will be broadcasted in its place in the following week.

Other pilot shows such as 'Hello Stranger' and 'Around The Neighborhood' are currently considered to be the follow-up program.

'Star Gazing' has become a regular program on MBC since May 1st with Kang Ho Dong as the main MC, but due to low ratings, the show finally has to say goodbye to the viewers.

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MINX unveils more teaser photos + debut single to be released on September 22nd

Dal Shabet's sister group MINX has unveiled more teaser photos prior to their official debut.

Unlike the previous colorful photos, in this new set the girls are dressing in black outfits, showcasing their mature and serious charm.

MINX will release a teaser video for debut single 'Why Did You Come To My Home' at midnight on September 17th while the full song will come out later on the 22nd.






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Hello Venus to add new members + work with Brave Brothers for comeback

It was revealed that Hello Venus has finished reorganizing their group after the departure of Ara and Yoonjo. There will be additional members to be announced later and they group is currently preparing for their comeback this fall with hit-maker Brave Brothers.

In particular, Brave Brothers will not only produce Hello Venus's new album but also take part in the concept planning in order to create a new image transformation for the group.

Meanwhile, 2 members are currently busy with their individual activities as Yooyoung is staring in MBC's 'Mother's Garden' while Alice is acting in 'The Night Watchman'.
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