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MBLAQ’s Mir gives a surprise proposal to Kara’s Gyuri on ‘First Day of Work’

Mir surprised Gyuri with his sudden proposal in a recent episode of tvN’s ‘First Day of Work’.The broadcast on October 23rd showed the first day working as catering franchise employees of MBLAQ’s Mir and Kara’s Gyuri. Since it’s their first time workin… Continue reading

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Mir eases fans’ worries about speculations of MBLAQ’s military enlistment

MBLAQ member Mir has spoken up regarding the speculation among their fans regarding the group’s military enlistment that would put them on hiatus.

On October 9, the creative director of MBLAQ’s upcoming concert ‘Curtain Call’ Randy Noh, put A+ in deep anxiousness and panic when his instagram post suggested that members are preparing for military enlistment after the concert and won’t be promoting for some time.

To ease fans’ worries, Mir posted a message through their fancafe,

“Title: Hello, this is Mir.

From the title it feels strange, isn’t?

Now I’m using my phone to type so I don’t have any idea what’s what..I feel like I must talk to everyone so I’m leaving this post here..because I don’t think it’s proper to post this on twitter.. heo heo.

Because it appears like most of you are full of worries and hatred so my heart hurts..

Different speculations have emerged quickly and these become the truth. I’m sorry for making everyone anxious because of this..

Members (we) are going to assure to tell you perosnally so you don’t have to be worried..

As for now, close your eyes and cover your ears.. what is our 1st priority is we think we should not disappoint our fans.. same as like now.. so please wait a bit more.. We have to be MBLAQ that keep promises..!!

And also the weather nowadays gets colderㅠ be always careful not to catch cold, study well, work hard, and play a lot too.. please don’t be hurt..ㅠㅁㅠ We will return with good news for you soon~to be continued.”

With his write up, it seems like it’s not yet the time for fans to be worrying but to spend more time with the members and support them for their upcoming concert. Continue reading

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MBLAQ’s Mir reveals dream of marrying two g.o.d’s members

On the September episode of MBC ‘Stargazing,’ MBLAQ’s Mir revealed that he dreamed of marrying two g.o.d’s member.All of the people in the studio were shocked upon learning that when Mir was younger he wanted to marry g.o.d’s Son Hoyoung and Yoon Kyesa… Continue reading

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MBLAQ’s Mir uploads passport photo from HS

On his September 6th, MBLAQ‘s Mir uploaded the photo above on his Twitter.

That is a passport photo from his high school days. He captioned it with, “Found my passport from my high school years in Jangsung…Looking handsome.” 

On the other news, MBLAQ will be having a charity concert at Yonsei University on September 13th at 6PM. 
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SOURCE:  @BangMir

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Men’s Health Korea features MBLAQ’s Mir

Men’s Health Korea featured the maknae of boy group MBLAQ.Mir showed his oozing masculinity on the pictorial for the latest issue of Men’s Health Korea. The photos flaunted his muscular body and its strength through different strenuous physical activit… Continue reading

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Mir, Kwanghee, Shindong talk about their popularity

MBLAQ’s Mir, ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Super Junior’s Shindong appeared in the broadcast of KBS’s “Family’s Dignity : Full House” on January 24th and talked about their popularity. Mir said,”In MBLAQ I’m the least popular member. I always have the smallest s… Continue reading

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Mir and Shindong to host ‘Beatles Code 3D’!

Super Junior Shindong, MBLAQ’s Mir, Shin Dong Yup and Soran‘s Ko Young Bae are confirmed to be the new panel of host for the upgraded ‘MNET’s Beatles Code 3D’.

The four new MCs had their first filming on December 11 with their first guests, 2NE1 and DJ Doc. It’ll premiere on December 24 at 11PM KST. Prior to that, a special prologue will air on December 17.

Are you excited to see the new combination of these MCs? Continue reading

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Mir to reveal new solo song at MBLAQ’s Seoul concert

Just like his fellow member G.O, MBLAQ’s Mir is also preparing a new solo single for the fans.

On November 18, J.Tune Camp announced the exciting news via Twitter, “On November 23rd, Mir’s solo stage for his solo song “Come Here” will be revealed to the public during ‘2013 MBLAQ SENSATION GLOBAL TOUR in SEOUL’. Next, Seoul D-5!!”

MBLAQ will be holding a solo concert titled ‘2013 MBLAQ SENSATION GLOBAL TOUR in SEOUL’ on November 23rd, which will be held at Korea University’s Hwajung Stadium. The group plans to showcase splendid performances and solo stages.

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Mir thanks their Taiwanese A+!

MBLAQ’s Mir thanks their A+ for their successful “2013 MBLAQ SENSATION TOUR in Taiwan” that was concluded on November 16.

In the photo, he is proudly holding his own fansite banner. He wrote, “Taiwan concert was fun!! We’ll come again!!”

Source: BangMir twitter

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MBLAQ’s Mir sends video message to A+ for their Seoul concert!

MBLAQ’s Mir sends a video message to their A+ regarding their Seoul concert.

The video was uploaded through jtunecamp’s Youtube account. In the video, Mir is excitedly announcing their upcoming ‘Sensation Tour in Seoul’ and his thoughts about it.

Watch the video below:

Their ‘Sensation Tour in Seoul’ is happening on November 23rd at Korea University’s Hwajung Stadium.

Note: Transcription is available from the top comment under the video.

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