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SHINee ends concert tour in South America with a success!

SHINee wrapped up their first-ever concert tour in South America.SHINee entertained their Latin American fans as part of their ‘SHINee CONCERT SHINeeWORLD III.’ They performed in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.According to a representative from SM Entert… Continue reading

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BoA attends premiere night of her Hollywood debut film ‘Make Your Move’

SM Entertainment’s BoA attended the premiere night of her Hollywood debut dance film ‘Make Your Move.’On March 31st, the cast of ”Make Your Move’ went in Los Angeles to attend the special night for the movie.  Check out some pictures:See all phot… Continue reading

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SM Entertainment releases official statement about Tiffany & Nichkhun

SM Entertainment dropped its official statement on 2PM’s Nichkhun and SNSD’s Tiffany’s relationship status.On April 4th, SM Entertainment sent a representative to admit that Nichkhun and Tiffany are a couple officially saying, “Girls’ Generation’s… Continue reading

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Kangta & BoA as creative directors of SM Entertainment

Kangta and BoA play a big role in SM Entertainment now.On March 21st, they were appointed as the creative directors of SM Entertainment. They will participate in different business plans and will share their expertise and experience that they earned fr… Continue reading

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SM Entertainment partners with the independent label Baljunso

SM Entertainment ties up with the indie label, Baljunso.SM Entertainment sees potential in independent industry in creating huge name in the mainstream, thus invest in Baljunso. Kang Byungsong, CEO of Baljunso, has worked as Director in Can Entertainme… Continue reading

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Rainbow’s Jaekyung reveals chances of becoming a KARA member

RAINBOW’s Jaekyung made some revelations on the February 7th episode of KBS 2TV ‘Full House.’She revealed that she had the chances of becoming a member of KARA. She said, “During my trainee days in my agency 10 years ago, I almost landed a spot as a KA… Continue reading

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S.M. Entertainment, the 1st Korean entertainment company that receives ‘iF Design Awards’!

SM Entertainment won ‘iF Design Awards 2014‘ for its four products. The first time that a Korean entertainment company is recognized in the award-giving body.

SMTOWN GLOBAL announced the good news on their Twitter and posted the photo above revealing the four products that gave them the recognitions. They won ‘Brand Identity’ in communications design for EXO, and ‘Album Packaging Design’ for EXO’s 1st studio album ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug)’, Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ and 4th album ‘I Got a Boy.’

S.M. ENTERTAINMENT wins “iF Design Award 2014” for a total of 4 products!

‘iF Design Award’ is one of the biggest international design awards for rookie designers looking for concepts that may answer future challenges. iF Design Awards 2014 is its seventh year. 

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SOURCE: Korea Times
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SM releases photos of their successful artists from 28th GDA!

SM Entertainment is very proud of their artists as they show photos of them form the recently concluded event on their Facebook accounts.SM groups like SHINee, SNSD, EXO and f(x) bagged major awards from the ’28th Golden Disk Daesang Awards’ on January… Continue reading

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Fans discover a handsome ‘father and son’ at SM agency

SM uploaded the selca taken from the video of Donghae and SMRookies’ Jeno. The photo was uploaded on December 7 through SMRookies’ Facebook page.Giving a better and clear look at their selca, Donghae and Jeno have been named ‘father and son’ by the fan… Continue reading

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Kyuhyun clarifies SM Rookies’ Seul Gi is not his girl

Super Junior Kyuhyun doesn’t want people to misunderstand everything about his relationship towards the recently-introduced SM rookie Seul Gi.

On December 3, SM announced the three trainees under their pre-debut team ‘SM Rookies’ including Seul Gi, who is actually made familiar ever since Kyuhyun mentioned her on Radio Star.

Because of this, Seul-Gi’s name has been tagged with Kyuhyun and gave her an alias ‘Kyuhyun’s girl’ which appeared on articles. Kyuhyun, who seemed not overwhelmed by this situation, logged in to his twitter and wrote,

“Ha-ah.. Making me log in to twitter.. the articles’ title isn’t right ㅜㅜ She is not my girl.. I’m just like those common seniors who wish for the best! Well SM ROOKIES? Seul Gi, Jeno, Taeyong I wish you guys to become everybody’s romance not just a person’s romance, finishing warmly keke.”

하아.. 트윗 로그인하게 만드네.. 기사 제목 이건 아니자나 ㅜㅜ 저의 그녀같은 거 아니라구요.. 잘 되길 바라는 흔한 선배일뿐! 무튼 SM ROOKIES? 슬기, 제노, 태용 다들 한 사람의 로망이 아닌 모두의 로망이 되길바라며 훈훈하게 마무리 ㅋㅋ
— ChoKyuHyun (@GaemGyu) December 3, 2013

With Kyuhyun’s clear message, hopefully such articles won’t appear again.
Have you check the SM Rookies yet?

Source: Kyuhyun’s twitter
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