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‘Marriage, Not Dating’ OST part 3

tvN’s drama ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ released its OST part 3.The song is entitled ‘One Day,’ a ballad song, which was sang by Son Hoyoung and rapped by Danny Ahn. The music video of the song was uploaded which features the main characters and the recordi… Continue reading

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Yonghwa is a mighty swordsman in tvN’s ‘The Three Musketeers’ teaser

CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa is taking a new role and image for tvN’s upcoming drama ‘The Three Musketeers’.In the character introduction, Park Dal Yang (Yonghwa) is looking strikingly handsome swordsman in his warrior outfit. His fierce but gentle expression… Continue reading

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TAHITI appears on tvN’s ‘SNL Korea’

On July 12th, TAHITI appeared on tvN’s ‘SNL Korea.’

On the episode, TAHITI was with H.O.T’s Moon Heejun. They participated on a humorous skit. It’s about how Moon Heejun mistreats his manager, which was portrayed by comedian Yoo Byungjae.
Meanwhile, TAHITI is busy promoting ‘Oppa, You’re Mine.’

Haven’t seen its MV? Watch below:

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Jung Joonyoung transforms into a woman on ‘SNL Korea’

On the June 28th episode of tvN’s ‘Saturday Night Live Korea,’ Jung Joonyoung appeared as its guest.
The theme of the episode was a parody of the famous Hollywood film ‘Cast Away.’ However, instead of one castaway only, there were many male castaways on an island. 
Because all of them were males, Jung Joonyoung transformed himself as a woman. He wore seaweed as his hair and put fruits in front of his chest which brought lots of laughter.
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tvN’s ‘Marriage Not Dating’ teases with 2 posters

Upcoming tvN‘s romantic comedy series ‘Marriage Not Dating‘ teased with the release of their two posters.

On June 21st, two posters of the show were unleashed. The first one shows the main male and female characters which include Han Geuru, Yeon Woojin, Jung Jinwoon, Han Sunhwa, Heo Jungmin and Yoon Sohee. It is noticeable that the male group has negative perception on getting married. Their background sports black and white props and it is intensified with a text saying ‘A man who doesn’t want to get married.’ On the other hand, the female group is positive on tying a knot. Their text is ‘A woman who wants to get married.’
The 2nd poster shows three characters in a car. Han Geuru is with Yoon Woojin and Jung Jinwoon who are both tied at their wrists.
‘Marriage Not Dating’ is set to air on July 4th.
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Lee Hweejae is the new host for ‘SNL Korea’

tvN’s ‘SNL Korea‘ 5th season will have its new host.

Lee Hweejae will become the 8th guest host after the appearances of Park Sungwoong, Park Jiyoon, Jung Joonha, Jung Sunghwa, DJ DOC, and Joo Byungjin. 
Lee Hweejae is known for his portrayal as the father of twin boys on ‘Superman Returns.’ Fans are anticipating him on May 31st.
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Actress La Mi Ran doesn’t hesitate to share a life difficulty

Actress La Mi Ran guested on tvN’s ‘Talk Show Taxi’ on May 1st.On her appearance, La Mi Ran disclosed a part of her life that was really difficult for her. She shared that she had experienced financial dilemmas. She said, “In early 2000s, the musi… Continue reading

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Actor Yoon Sang Hyun delivers intense emotions on recent episode of tvN’s ‘Gap Dong’

On May 2nd episode of tvN’s ‘Gap Dong,’  the lead character named Ha Moo-yeom, which is played by actor Yoon Sang Hyun, showed an intense emotion.Ha Moo-yeom was having a conflict with the police inspector named Yang Cheol-gon (portrayed by actor&… Continue reading

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Choi Philip to return on tvN’s upcoming drama ‘High School King’

After being injured early this year, Choi Philip is ready to hit the lines once again.On April 25th, Choi Philip’s agency said that he is now fully recovered after his surgery and will be back on a a new drama of tvN entitled ‘High School King.’ C… Continue reading

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon on tvN’s nearing drama, ‘Gap Dong’

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is part of the upcoming tvN drama, ‘Gap Dong.”Gap Dong’ is based on the real Hwa-seong serial murder stories. It is written by Kwon Eum Mi and directed by Jo Soo Won. Aside from Lee Joon, Yoon Sang Hyeon, Seong Don… Continue reading

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