Kim Jang Hoon awarded ‘Presidential Volunteer Service Award’ from President Obama

Singer Kim Jang Hoon‘s agency has revealed that the singer was recently awarded ‘The President’s Volunteer Service Award‘ from President Obama.

Awarded through the Corporation for National & Community Service, the award was created to encourage community service.

The singer received the award during ‘Kim Jang Hoon’s One Man Show in LA‘, which took place on the 21st PST at the Los Angeles Nokia Theatre.

Along with the award came a letter of congratulations written by President Barack Obama. The letter stated, “Thank you for devoting yourself to building a better future for a great country.”

A concert staff member commented, “Kim Jang Hoon has not only donated approximately $13,000,000 dollars (15 Billion KRW) to the country of South Korea and donated all profits from his United States and Chinese concert to charities, but has also continuously promoted as a public figure representing Korea, which is why he deserved and received the award.

The singer posted on a social networking site, “I’m sure you all saw on the news, but I was given the honor of receiving President Obama’s Community Service Award. I don’t know what I’ve done in the United States to deserve such an award.. However, I think now distorted and negative opinions toward celebrity donations have been set straight.

Kim Jang Hoon returned to Korea on the 25th KST.

Source + Image: MT via Daum

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