Way Back Wednesday: The “Other” Songs

I started doing a clean-up of my mp3’s the other day and began finding all these songs that I haven’t listened to in quite some time. I also began to notice that a lot of the songs were from some of the big name old-school groups, but these songs weren’t their “big hit” or the usual suspects that everyone remembers. Some were still really good but just didn’t get the same hype for whatever reason.

Today’s Way Back Wednesday is an ode to the “other” songs from all of our favorite groups. The hidden gems that we all know but maybe haven’t listened to in a while. Everyone’s got their own that didn’t make this list so feel free to share with the rest of us.

Turbo – My Childhood Dream

Everyone knows about the huge success Turbo had and their many, many hits, but I bet not everyone has heard their first single. From their debut album ‘280 km/h (that’s a little under 174 mph)’, the song was a hit with fans and rocketed these two young men into superstars and the rest, as they say, is history.

R.ef – Walk Through My Heart

While it was the title song from R.ef’s second album ‘Back to Black’, it was actually overshadowed by another famous song from that album, “Brilliant Love”. “Walk Through My Heart” is a pop dance track that follows the same early formula that made R.ef famous with the fun beats and catchy melody. Two of the members were also recently featured on an episode of the variety show ‘Come to Play’ and that got me into a R.ef listening kick.

H.O.T – Wolf and Sheep

This was one of the most anticipated songs in K-pop history. The sophomore offering from the most popular group, coming on the heels of the massive success of their first album. It was quite a burden to live up to, but to be honest, it never really did. The group went in a totally different direction with their sound and incorporated rap and hip hop which just didn’t fit their image. But more than that, people wanted “Candy” part 2, and that didn’t end up happening. But looking back, I like the song overall and I was probably just bitter that it didn’t sound like what I wanted it to, but it’s probably a good thing they didn’t do that.

NRG – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Probably the second most popular song from their debut album, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a melodic ballad that was very different in style and substance from their huge hit from the album “I Can Do It”. This song included the five original members and when I see the video, I remember how old we all got.

Yoo Seung Jun – The Love I’ve Been Waiting For

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even recognize this song at first because Yoo Seung Jun’s second album was dominated by “Na Na Na” and I don’t think I even listened to much of the other songs. It’s too bad because the song is good; not as catchy as his other stuff, but good and shows a slightly mellower side to the singer.

Yang Hyun Suk – Smoke of the Devil

I had to include this song because it was from Yang Hyun Suk’s first and only solo album released in 1998. The title song was a clear departure from what Seo Taiji released and showed Yang Hyun Suk’s clear affinity for hip hop and rap. The thing is, most of today’s YG Entertainment fans have probably never heard his music but it was a former #1 song that doesn’t get enough attention as his image as a producer and businessman have long overshadowed this album, but it was the start of the company that would bring you some of the best K-pop singers of this generation.

Sechs Kies – Reckless Love

When I started thinking about this week’s theme, I started looking at the albums of all the old singers trying to find songs that were somewhat popular but that I didn’t remember, and this was one of those songs. But, when I told a friend about this, she swore that everyone knew this song and didn’t belong on this list. I honestly don’t remember it but recognize the tune. I remember “Road Fighter” before it and “Couple” after it, but not this one. I’m sure you’ll let me know if I’m wrong here.

SES – Shy Boy

The first song on their anticipated second album featured the trio going into new areas with their music and their style. I guess they were trying to break that cutesy image and wanted to become more mature, sexier women. Well, whatever they were trying, it worked on me!

Eun Ji Won – Murmur

This song was from Eun Ji Won’s first solo album after the end of Sechs Kies, so I guess that makes Eun Ji Won the only repeat entry on this list. I liked this song a lot when if first came out because it had a good sound and was well produced. I don’t think it ever got the credit it deserved, but being one of the few to continue releasing music, he has proven that he can bang out hit after hit.

Jewelry – Again

The last song on the list is an oldie but goodie. The title song from Jewelry’s second album got up to number three on the charts if I’m not mistaken, but was never as big as it should have been. They would toil for a few more albums in Korea and Japan before breaking out with what was probably the unofficialy anthem of 2005, “Superstar”. But this song was a relaxing, cool reminder of years gone by and I think a lot of guys had big crushes on Park Jung Ah at the time.

What are some of your favorite secondary songs from the old school artists?

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